Taoki the vixen

Life of a kitsune in hell

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5 March 1989
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My name is Taoki, also known as Mircea Kitsune. I'm a silver vixen from Romania, both a furry and otherkin. Being kin I'm neither a character nor a fursona, my kitsune self is just who I am. I only accept fellow furs and kin as close friends, and usually prefer avoiding humans.

Be warned that I may act a little weird at times due to my asperger... if I'm ever doing something that bothers you don't be afraid to tell me and I shall be more careful. Also note I'm bisexual and straightly furry oriented, witch means I'm not into humans neither in RP nor real life. I'm very cuddly and open to yiffy things (although I don't like being contacted specifically for that). Vore is one of the things most wonderful to me.

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