Why authority needs to be brought under control

Not to imply all police is like that or the law is always evil, but definitely gonna forward this as a textbook example of what happens when you give authority and those enforcing it too much power by design. Enjoy your "perfect" society America, the happy film where the good guys are always right and always win... yep, that definitely looks like good guys in a world where we're kept safe thanks to the grace and wisdom of its rulers. Hope I may soon witness humanity either getting its shit straight or wiping itself out of existence... fine with either option at this stage, just please pick one already since the waiting's what's killing me.

(in case Youtube later deletes the video to protect our feelings from our inability to click the close button, look up George Floyd)

Seeking the cure to a deep wound

I wasn't sure whether to do this or not, but in the end I decided I'm going to. I want to try speaking sincerely about certain things, beyond the momentary rage of a vent journal caused by some event sending me down a mental spiral. I'm aware it's been increasingly obvious over the past years that I have serious issues with certain worldly elements, particularly ones surrounding authority. I've slipped my tongue during recent episodes of stress-rage and offered one detail: A great part of what led to this are things that happened in my life between 15 to 20 years ago. The important ones are things I never fully discuss, neither online nor offline... I touch on them at the surface with beings I know well but that's mostly it. I'm not about to discuss those here either, only some abstract background elements.

To start off: I'm sure the first logical question on most readers minds is why I stay silent on something that traumatized me to this fucking extent. The short answer is: It ties in to things that 99% of people would be unable to understand or take them for what they are. There are at least two separate but interconnected issues... one of which the vast majority simply couldn't comprehend at this early date, the other which the even vaster majority wouldn't understand and also comes into conflict with today's culture. Even if I found the best way to word it out, which would itself be a hurdle, there are only two possible outcomes: The best scenario is part of my situation being understood and getting an "I guess I can see that but yeah I dunno lol" response, the worst is people making dumb associations as they know best and concluding I'm an evil monster bringing mayhem to the world. Truth be told it's hard to even imagine what life would be like after everyone knowing some truths: What would it be like not having to hide, not feeding off the energy of thinking the world secretly hates me, not having the comfort of feeling as this lone hero of a distant culture undercover among alien humans and laughing that they can't catch me and figure me out? Even that thought is too new and weird to handle.

Long ago when certain things happened, I did in fact try speaking out. As I did so at the time my naive teenager self thought "I'll just explain to the world why its train of thought is wrong and harmful, they'll understand, surely they just didn't notice because some things only harmed me more than others". The last sentence of that idea was definitely true... the rest not by far. The two reactions I was met with were being laughed at, as well as being myself accused for what happened to me by those responsible of actually doing it... to say I saw was zero understanding is an understatement. Nowadays, whenever I attack authority and feel I managed to make the powerful suffer, my brain looks back to the people who laughed then and asks them "who's laughing now bitch".

At the time I assumed this would only hurt me momentarily; For several years I figured I'll soon put the bad memory in the back of my mind and that's it. Unfortunately this had a stronger effect on me than I predicted, which I've only grown to fully grasp in the more recent years. It built an unstoppable destructive rage that comes up whenever I see a train of thought associated with the events that took place. Much of it is fueled by the fact that at the time, I imagined those issues would be long understood and resolved by the year 2020... I never imagined that today society wouldn't only be completely oblivious of them, but doing those exact mistakes even worse and more fiercely than they did back then! I'm at the point where I feel I've been backstabbed 1000 times, have zero ability to connect with the world around me, and see silent enemies in everyone... I think there's no excuse for things reaching this point, but must accept we live in a world that's far more ignorant from what all the modern technology may mislead one to think.

Anyway it's no secret that the target of my rage is unjustified authority and the culture that supports it; I burn with hellfire to see governments collapse, people in powerful positions on their knees, and most importantly justice against fake experts weaponizing logic and science into a tool of controlling society and people's minds. In the past this used to be an internal rage I kept within, just posting vent journals and moving on. Recently however it's getting difficult to bottle it all up as neatly; I'm concerned it's reaching the point where there may be more serious consequences to it.

This concern materialized last year when I went into an all out culture war on Twitter. I don't wish to dive into the specifics of what happened here please, but I'll settle for saying I stomped my boots into very sensitive subjects in a "fuck you all" fit. I caused such uproar that it made beings close to me concerned of getting attacked for being my friends or relatives. Eventually Twitter permanently banned me for unrelated reasons (misusing hashtags of all things) which was a blessing as I could finally get away from it all and decided to avoid getting into fights again. I thought that would be the end of it and I'd find peace by avoiding certain arguments, especially after starting a new treatment following my suicide attempt which is greatly helping with my depression right now.

Unfortunately it wasn't going to be like that: The Coronavirus pandemic struck a few months later, which didn't concern me at first since I knew the virus wouldn't affect me and thought the social measures would strike elsewhere. I realized this wasn't true once the lockdown trend came to my country followed by people now getting forced to wear face masks. This once more brought up my paranoia of authority and being forced to do things by governments... hell was raised once more: A week ago I recklessly went to the anti lockdown protest in my city to scream at the government building... this was met with waves of critique from everybody (see my previous journals for that discussion) which further fueled my "nobody gets me and the mainstream brainwashed everyone" sentiment. Several close beings had to take a break from talking with me because my fighting energy is so strong it was overwhelming them. At the moment I'm concerned whether I'll be able to even prolong my treatment against this, as visiting the clinic requires using mass transit which requires wearing those stupid masks which I refuse to because I'd rather die than let the government make me do what it wants any more! I'm planning to call my doctor today and ask if I can have this month's session online, or at worst ask my mother to go to the clinic and pick up the recipe for me. Yes... all that just so I won't do what authority says, even if I don't practically care about having that damn mask on my face, only because I refuse to let them make me live how they want any more. If I had to enter the subway with a mask forced on me, I likely couldn't help myself yelling stuff like "down with the government who muzzled us" and would rather not risk getting into a fight over it. I've already ruined / improved my facemask by writing "death to governments" on it in red marker... yesterday I hung it in front of my window for everyone in the street to see, no rocks were thrown at my window thus far.

I don't wish to discuss the COVID-19 related aspects again and argue over the deadliness of the virus or how necessary the measures were; I only want to put this piece of my truth out there. In part so someone hears the things they can hear, in part because I felt I owe it to all friends who've seen my rants and probably been like "what on Earth happened to this person". Judging from a purely technical definition, what I have seems to be a form of PTSD... I know that term doesn't bode well considering people are used to it in relation to soldiers who returned from the battlefield and such. It's weird how I'm normally able to judge everything calmly rationally and objectively, yet when something sends me down a spiral my entire mindset changes for several few hours till things calm down, often followed by suddenly going relaxed even into a mental downtime. It's been this way for years yet I haven't found a working way to manage it... and before anyone suggests "seeking help", remember this involves things I refuse to speak of out of fear that society will wash my identity and try to convert me, plus I don't trust healthcare workers that much in general. I find it very odd that even now as I type this, my mind gets glimpses of feeling okay as if I'm doing the right thing... this some frigging weird stuff I tell you.

So what is the ultimate solution? Personally I feel there's only one thing that would truly close this wound: Society finally acknowledging the wrongs it did to me and others like me. I'm not expecting the world to hold hands and form a circle chanting an apology, that's obviously never going to happen; Understanding that their vision on certain things is wrong and stopping the overreactions would suffice. But if in 20 years that's only gotten worse instead of better, that hope remains far away. I'm still looking for the silver bullet the could let put it all behind... make me believe I'm with this world rather than against it, make me understand I'm in the same boat as everyone rather than the diver on a mission to sabotage and sink said boat, make me able to know what this magical life where you can trust the world feels like. Having all this written out might be a start, I'm actually very curious what replies I'll get. I sense I'm on the edge of a transition, but leaving behind a view that's been builtin to the biology of my brain for a lifetime is a mountain I don't see how I'll manage to climb... only time will tell how things are meant to go, though I believe the fates have their plan one way or another.

We stand united against the confiscation of life!

Today I was offered the chance to uphold my honor in the fight for freedom. I decided to put my money where my mouth is and attended my first (also last as far as I plan) anti-lockdown protest in Bucharest: Two hours of chanting in Victoriei Square along follow slaves who were also locked in their homes by the state or had their relatives kidnapped by doctors, now being forcefully muzzled with pieces of cloth to be allowed in stores or public transit starting Monday. It was a nice atmosphere and I felt happy to be there, chanting in front of that cursed government building infested by the rotten despots. I didn't like some of the nationalist and religious elements of the protest but you can't look a gift horse in the mouth... we were all there to defend our freedom to live life, to stand against our mutual enemy the authority! Might upload videos tomorrow... for now just the photos I took for those who were curious:

GOVERNMEEEEEEEENT: You foolishly thought I had forgotten! What your laws and authority did to me those 15 years ago: How you and the US state tried to control my mind and erase my identity... how you fiercely persecuted me for any joy I found in my life... how you tried to separate me from the beings closest to me... how you used fantasies proclaimed as "logic" and "fact" to do it all, just as you're doing today! You dare to crawl in front of me, ask me to trust you again... this time to be believe your spooky virus made your actions justified, because surely you wouldn't lie or delude yourselves the 1001th time before deciding to confiscate our lives and tell us how to live! Bad news mainstream society: You're running out of fools to amalgamate into your machinery. Crawl... crawl and tell me how the president and prime minister only tried to lock us up and make us wear clown masks because they care for us... be good fools and put on a good show in my court to make me laugh, as you struggle to convince me lawmakers have feelings and can't sleep at night out of care and love for our safety! And to that jackass who DIGI24 TV invited to actively call protesters "thoughtless fools and idiots" live on television without any holding back, yes you sorry ass bastards, I went there so I can proudly wear the #iamthefool label as of today... thank you for convincing me last night :-)

The most important message I might ever post...

I'm cross-posting this journal to multiple websites. I'm writing it primarily so my watchers know what happened in case I disappear without a trace and stop posting content without explanation. I have a lot going on right now so if you can please: Don't yell at me too if this accidentally broke any site rule or I'm saying something that triggers some sensitivity a reader has and I'm not aware of. It's not with ill intent and I literally don't have the energy to deal with more hate and other issues on top of everything else: I'm a bloody fighter but even I can't carry the whole world on my shoulders 24/7 any more.

As everyone surely knows the Corona Virus craze is now everywhere, thanks to governments and the media doing everything they could to spread panic at an unprecedented level. It's gotten to the point where the army is being deployed across the streets of several European countries, soldiers pointing guns at people who go outside while telling them it's for their own good (the classic recipe). Till now this only happened in a city in Italy where the outbreak was worst. Now it's coming to Romania including here in Bucharest: As of today the army is said to be terrorizing people in the city center. I've seen this coming for years now, but did not imagine they'd make such a move this quickly and impose a military dictatorship within weeks using bacteria as an excuse. After censoring the free internet and making everyone hate everyone else over the past 4 years, it seems the time has come to make a total grab for power by military means... always hoped we had a few more years left but it seems I was wrong.

As of now my own life is on the line too. Today I had to go to the market for necessary reasons: People told my mother to expect armed troops to scrutinize me at gunpoint... she freaked out and begged me to sign some pledge someone came up with on Facebook, that made no sense and I couldn't print out anyway. Thankfully apart from most stores and businesses being shut down, I didn't see any police or soldiers here yet... just fewer people than usual, everyone wearing those goofy masks, and posters about their scary ol' virus all over the place. The problem isn't just that I need go out periodically to buy food: I have to visit the city center next week, where I have an appointment with my doctor for renewing my depression treatment (guess who I have to thank for that). I go there using the subway which they're likely going to be guarding... the stations are open spaces so sneaking around and trying to hide will surely not work, especially if their troopers are guarding the booth where you pay to enter.

They say that if you can justify why you walked out of your home they might leave you alone. I have the clinic's phone number so they can call and confirm my appointment. But I don't know if they will want more depending on what their true goal is: It's said that if they don't like what you say they may fine you a huge amount you can't pay, then arrest you for not paying it. As I'm sure those who know me are aware, I will not sit on my knees in front of those Nazis and beg for my life: I will do every common sense thing other people are doing, but once the line is crossed and they're using this to fuck with me I will stand up for myself. I'm not going to put my whole life on a platter to those scumbags nor show them my personal phone with private things in it, I know all too well why they want that: ID is all they're getting out of me.

I'm going to say this straight now: If I disappear without a trace, assume I was either shot by the army or they've taken me to a concentration camp. No I'm not going to fear, I don't fear the monsters any more: Their governments have done everything they could to ruin my life and instill terror among us over the past 4 years, this is just the peak of their unsuccessful attempts to destroy us mentally and make us bow to them on every level. If they try to take me alive I won't resist much, but will refuse to eat or drink once in custody... I'll go down on my own terms rather than whatever torture they may have planned for me and my kind. If it will somehow come to this, I want those who knew me to move on and stay determined: Even if you're among those who hated me, remember my determination and what I went through just to support our freedom and the culture I dreamed of, in the face of hate destruction and indoctrination. Tell yourself this: If a sensitive autistic underdog like me had the capacity to resist, so can you!

I wish to end on a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE for several communities out there... particularly people who are into furry, vore, and cub / loli: Whatever you do, DO NOT let the soldiers find out who you are and what you like! This military dictatorship is coming from the purist cults trying to take the world back to the dark ages. To them we are vermin that goes against their God, are magically damaging their children through the internet, or whatever absurd insanity they came up with to eradicate us. Last years the UN tried to ban heretical artwork in hopes of kickstarting a softer mind control regime; After realizing they can't openly arrest dissidents for their thoughts and creations, they're now using a stupid Chinese flu to discretely go after those who are in their way. I don't think they will take all of us to concentration camps, but have little doubt I'm on their list as I never bowed to their doctrine and they know it. So if you're into very NSFW stuff, ESPECIALLY anything including underage characters which has been the primary target of their ideological obsessions, they see you as a threat too and you may be in danger! I'll only suggest that you be prepared to defend yourself in need, otherwise try not to draw attention for any reason. We're all in this together, every marginalized community facing brutal erasure from existence... we won't let them win and steal the world from us again, the future is ours not theirs!

Thank you everyone. And most importantly take care of yourselves: Be careful with hygiene too, just in case there really is something to this whole virus shenanigan... but just as much beware of what people will do using the virus as an excuse. If through some stretch of the imagination they do something crazy and we never meet again, it's been a fun ride.

It's time for everyone to know this (WARNING: Suicide)

After careful consideration, now that almost 3 weeks have passed since the event, I decided it would be fairest to post about this publicly and let my followers know what had happened. Up until now I only told 3 people, with the exception of a forum where I spoke about it in detail but anonymously.

You've probably noticed that during the past months, I've been posting a lot of unfinished works and organizing archives with the content I've created. I also distanced myself from most of my projects as well as involvement with other teams, which I'm only now picking back up on. This has been planned since late March of this year when I took a vow: That this year I would finally escape.

On 03 September 2019 at 12:00 AM I went through with my first suicide attempt in this lifetime. I don't wish to offer unnecessary details for those who are sensitive to this sort of thing, but will provide a short description of what took place: I attempted it during the last day of my trip to the seaside, and it involved taking pills and alcohol then jumping into the sea from a long pier. I survived because I greatly overestimated the amount of drugs that would be needed to incapacitate my ability to swim, and was also (un)lucky to catch a night when the water was both warm and calm (just 3 days earlier we had a cold storm with huge waves). I ended up swimming for at least one kilometer, following the lights I could make out across the shore, until I eventually crashed onto a beach... from there I managed to find my way back to the villa where I was checked in, despite barely being able to stand up or walk once I was out of the water. I threw up the cocktail I drank once I got back to my room, but the next day everything slowly started returning to normal... at this time I'm almost completely healed apart from a cough that's also on its way out.

At the moment I don't have a concrete plan for a second attempt: Please don't waste your time worrying about me. But I post about this to speak the full truth: It's uncertain what I want to do with my future from here on. If I ever disappear from the internet for more than a few weeks, I wanted everyone to know the most likely reason as to why. I can no longer live on this world as it stands, whereas the majority of the human race wants me dead as well. Sadly there are some beings who care for me and want me around for a bit longer, especially my poor biological mother who doesn't even know about this yet... also fate if I may put it that way, I don't get what bizarre plan they have that still involves me being alive in this shithole of a world. Being born here was a huge mistake they made, and now we don't know how to properly repair it.

What led to such a drastic decision? A ton of unrelated things combined, most of which I will keep to myself or those I trust. The primary cause which I'll mention here was tyranny: The total war against modern culture and our fundamental freedoms waged by governments worldwide, as their desperation to enslave us and gain absolute control over our minds has spiraled out of control. You already know of ACTA2 / Article 13 or SESTA / FOSTA and other ways they've tried shutting down the free internet for years. The drop that filled the glass was when the United Nations declared that it considers artwork a crime and wants all governments in the world to arrest artist who draw ideologically sensitive content mainstream society doesn't agree with (particularly lewd cartoons and anime), something they've gone back to just a few days ago.

For years I've lived as a thought prisoner waiting for their governments to arrest me, strip me to a chair, drug me and put a device on my head, then try to erase my thoughts and identity to make me a lifeless robot like them... ever since I was a child I've known this is what the human race wanted to do with me. I'm never going to consider anything like a shooting even if I had the means to commit one, killing others is plain wrong and out of the question even if it's to rescue the world from this madness... the only way to save myself, unless something finally happens to reestablish a real civilization before they put us in concentration camps, seems like getting off this demented hellhole while I still can. I don't want pity: All I want are damn solutions! I have no place on a world where thoughts and art can be considered a crime by even the most (supposedly) civilized empires on the planet; Once this is possible for any given group or under any excuse, it's only a matter of time until they invent some reason to come after those like me as well. And no, you can't know what I'm referring to, as I don't know what could happen if all those monkeys knew that beings like me exist... but that's okay since only a handful of people on this planet currently understand it anyway.

Unless I've committed an act of heresy by even posting about what I've done here and my journal gets deleted by a mod, feel free to ask questions or offer any feedback you consider useful. Just please don't cry for me to never do it again: You don't know the full reasons why I did it nor what I have to go through every fucking day for over 15 years... many in my place would have done it much sooner. All I can say is that I'm sorry it has come to this, and I didn't mean to sadden or disappoint any of you. For now I am fine... I just don't know for how long I can continue keeping myself here for everyone else's sake.

My animations are up on BitTube

Some of you might remember this post from a few months ago:

It's not over just yet; My animations are now up on yet another video platform! It will be my primary host as DTube continues to act as a backup, providing further safety from the censorship frenzy unleashed upon the internet this year.

Meet BitTube: The decentralized platform many dub as the Youtube Killer. Like DTube it uses IPFS for video storage and blockchain for transactions, however the site is much more optimized and user friendly, with many innovative ideas and an even better monetization system. BitTube defends free speech and all artistic creations; Its team personally welcomed my animations, even after I pointed out that it's furry and vore content, which to me was a remarkable thing. It's possible I may be working with the team myself to submit various improvements... I've already translated the website to Romanian, you can see my translation by clicking the globe icon and selecting Romanian.

The biggest advantage to my watchers is that unlike DTube which still relies on a public IPFS gateway, BitTube uses its own nodes, allowing for fast loading speeds like those of Youtube. Loading times are still a problem on DTube, thus most of you might have had issues seeing my animations there... this is now solved on BitTube.

I've created a playlist which contains all of my old animations, and of course new ones will be posted as they come. The link below will take you to the first video in the list, you should be able to see the others in the panel to the right:

Point of no Return sources now available on Patreon

Just a PSA to inform everyone that the sources for the Point of no Return series are now available on Patreon. They will only be accessible to the designated 10$ tier for some time, but the post will become public later on so feel free to note down the link if you can't get this tier at the moment. Like all my drawn art, the series is published under the CC-BY-SA license: Feel free to edit and redistribute but please credit me as the author.

I shall also remind that in roughly a week from now, I'm posting a series of preview renders from my latest animation. I hope to finish the project this year, if not it should be done closely after the end of the year. They will be available to the 5$ tier which covers all WIP posts. I shall only mention that feline lovers will likely be happy about this one :)

Status update for October

There are quite a few things I need to catch up on. Last month was both a busy and uncertain month, so I didn't have the time and energy to post another status update.

To start from the beginning: The presentation for my 3 RPG games currently in development has just completed. In case you missed it, grab the 5$ or 10$ tier and let me know what you think of what I've done so far! I'm continuing to program those games alongside my animation projects, and may post new sneak peeks from time to time. It will take a good while until they're ready for a beta release in any case.

Now for some good news: I just installed the video card I received from a very wonderful being, who decided to help me when I explained the issues I was having with the old one. I upgraded from my Gigabyte R7 370 to an XFX R9 390. While unfortunately I still don't have GPU (OpenCL) rendering in Cycles for Blender, the system freezes seem to be gone: My computer no longer appears to lock up when running most 3D engines!

This means that as of today, I'm able to start working on Vore Tournament once more. I took a break for other reasons too, but didn't hurry to get back to it as any test risked locking up my computer and prompting a hard reset. Now that this is fixed and I can run Xonotic without danger, I can freely resume development on VT and slowly work toward the 2.0.1 release.

The same people who offered this lovely video card also helped bail me out on Patreon. I'm now back to +400$ and saved from being in yet another terrifying position! Since the 400$ goal was thus reached for this month, I shall also keep my promise of releasing the sources for my Point of no Return series in the coming weeks, stay tuned for that as well.

In the meantime, I'm struggling to finish this year's animation. It's slowly getting there, but with still no GPU support rendering alone is expected to take 2 months. Sneak preview renders of this project will be posted this month on Patreon. At the same time I need to work on things I've promised to other people, alongside the website for my ISP and his company, plus another project outside of Patreon (I'll present that one later down the road). I'm working from day to night at this point, and despite feeling that my head is going explode I'm hopeful I can finish this year's goals on time now.

Slideshow Player: Now with actual music support

I couldn't let the month pass without having something good to show. Last month I announced a new project called Slideshow Player: A fully HTML powered tool which embeds art from sites such as e621 and generates realtime image slideshows. The end result is similar to furry / vore videos you find on Youtube, except it works in realtime by linking original image sources while giving the user full control alongside artist credits displayed in the interface.

Last week I implemented the final core component needed to obtain the desired functionality: Music support. There is now a new controller offering the user music settings, while music plugins use a similar API to generate a song list from sites that provide one. The image and music system are independent from one another, meaning both photos and songs are preloaded separately and can be navigated without getting in each others way... you can even disable images or music entirely and use just one of the two players!

Another major addition is dynamic latency prediction for the image loader. This detects the average duration of loading images, then decreases the recorded lag from the lifetime of the next image. The algorithm gives more accurate durations as it deducts the preload time that's silently added on top of the chosen image duration. For example: Let's say your slideshow is configured to switch images every 20 seconds. The player detects that the first image took 4 seconds to load, then sees that the second image took 8 seconds. The third image will therefore last only 14 seconds (20 - (8 + 4) \ 2) as the player assumes the following image will take 6 seconds to network on your internet connection.

Currently the only music source I could find that provides a JSON compatible API is CCMixter. Note that only a few music keywords will work with it, so if you get 0 songs when loading your settings try a few different words in the search field. If anyone is aware of other music sites that offer a JSONP search API (JSON with a "callback" parameter) please let me know in the comments below so I can add it. And as always, if you enjoy what I do, please consider supporting my work:

Notice: If you've used Slideshow Player before, the latest version may crash halfway through loading the interface. This is caused by an outdated settings object in the cache. Go to your browser's preferences and look for a "manage data" option, then delete all cache and cookies from the source. Refresh the page and the player should start up.

Revealing 3 furry vore RPG games

I've prepared a major game development update for the months of August and September 2018. I will be revealing not one, not two, but three different games in detail. The reveals will consist of a series of in-game gif recordings, showcasing and commenting on the various maps and story elements of each game. The posts will be available to the 5$ tier as usual, and at the end I'll be offering a few exclusive previews to the 10$ tier as well. People with access to the posts can also ask me questions about them in the comments which I'll be answering for you.

I've taken this decision due to the fact that I've been too slow to post updates on the projects I'm working on. I have been doing a lot behind the scenes, and it's precisely my work on stuff that kept me too busy to find the time to discuss what I've actually been doing. It's my obligation to offer those updates and now I'm going to be catching up by offering a mega-update on 3 of the main projects I've been spending my time on.

A short overview of those games: They're written in the OHRRPGCE engine and based on my modified city tileset, most in development for over an year now. Like most of my works it's based on free assets remixed to fit the theme and needs of each project, in this case the lovely graphics created by Fenrir Lunaris and available under the PD / CC0 license. Each game will feature vore as a central element and gameplay mechanic, with the player in the perspective of a human character exploring the world of anthros. A short overview of each individual game and its backstory:

  • The Apartment: This game was intended to be shorter, with less focus on the story and more focus on character interaction and development. You play as a student who lives with their parents and sibling in a typical apartment building. Your next door neighbor is a weird female wolf, rumored to make humans and their families mysteriously disappear. Despite the warnings of your family, you get curious and decide to meet her for yourself. At first she seems really nice, helping the player out by fixing their broken smartphone free of charge... but under one condition: The player must add her friend, a blue female fox, over on social media. While the wolf's motives are unclear, what could possibly go wrong with meeting and befriending a big anthro vixen?

  • Club Nova: A game who's primary goal is offering the player a world they can relate to and a character who's shoes they can put themselves in. You play as a young adult in their early 20's living with their father and step-mother. Your father is an abusive alcoholic with violent tendencies, while his new wife lacks both intelligence and any empathy for anyone other than herself... neither of them could care less for your well-being. Your family decided that the three of you are moving to a new town, but the drive is long so they opted to stop in another town along the way. Your long childhood friend lives in that area, and his father arranged for the three of you to be given a room for your one week stay. Only problem is that the town is shared by humans and anthros, the two races being at conflict for many years now. There should be no reason for you to cross the passage dividing the two zones... that is until you hear of a local attraction favored even by some humans called Club Nova. Apparently a famous music star loved by many furs is going to be playing at the club; A giant red vixen who goes by the stage name Devora. Will you stay behind and seek a future with your family or other acquaintances, or will you sneak into the club and try to discover her secrets?

  • Haven City: My largest RPG project to date, this games focuses on its open world with free roam capabilities, emulating a similar style to the first Grand Theft Auto games in miniature. You are the son of a famous detective who's team is on a mission to investigate a mysterious city located on a remote island. The city was built by humans but taken over by anthromorphs during its early stages of development, now acting as a nation of its own. Most of the humans who visit disappear without a trace, and mainland authorities have been desperately trying to figure out why; If proof of anthros killing the humans can be uncovered, the human army would have a reason to invade and take the city back. Since your relatively young age helps you blend in, you're sent on a dangerous mission by your father and his team: Establish yourself in the city, then try to befriend its ruler... a white female wolf who spends most of her time in the club she owns. If all goes well you may uncover the secret of the Haven City disappearances... but what if the price is becoming its next victim yourself?

This is it for now: I'll be talking more about each game in my posts which are starting next week. I'd also like to remind everyone that for my 600$ goal, I'll be preparing early demos which will be offered on Patreon once the target is reached, granted the goal is touched before the game is finished and released normally in the following years. I rely exclusively on your support to continue working on those projects, and your contribution ensures that these and other games will in fact be finalized. Consider chipping in this month to gain access to the reveals and more!