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Happy bunny worship day!

Today is an important day for Christians and furries alike: Christians because they celebrate worshiping a man named Jesus, furries because they celebrate worshiping various bunny goddesses... who knew we had so much in common? While I'm not a member of the first fandom, I decided to do my part in the later one today... hailing our recent bunny overlord, Judy Hopps. If you haven't seen it already, here are the links to the renders... and obviously, happy bunny worship day everyone!

Alright... this is a journal I'll be writing with a very heavy heart. It's a decision which I know will disappoint a lot of people, as it goes against the things I've promised to do toward the community, not to mention those who are watching and have been supporting me thus far. However I believe it is the only right approach at this stage, and will not be changing my mind about it. Below is an in-depth explanation of my decision... please read the entire post before judging and jumping to conclusions. Thank you.

I have decided that I will no longer be publishing my art or animations under a free license. In fact, I'm looking into how I may retract this license from my existing works altogether, and switch to the classic copyright system used by other artists. My game projects (such as Vore Tournament) will also become proprietary and close-sourced soon, while I'll be looking into integrating DRM for further protection against piracy.

This decision comes after an incident on another art site which I will not name here, involving a person I'd rather keep anonymous for now. About two weeks ago, this person decided to re-upload all of my works to their own gallery on another website... some of them modified in ways I do not approve of (eg: vore bellies removed) and with my signature stripped and therefore no credit given. I've went through various procedures trying to resolve the problem peacefully, which I will dive into in more detail below... for what it's worth, none of them had any success. After this experience, I realize why copyright is important for artists, and what a mistake I've made by allowing others to use my artwork freely... one I will not repeat again. These are the steps I went through since the whole thing began, in an attempt to resolve the issue as sanely as possible:

1 - Like every artist who deals with this sort of thing, I first contacted the person responsible for editing and leaking my art. I asked them to take it down, but as expected they refused. I then threatened them with legal action, and surprisingly they refused again. Because I was out of options and already frustrated at this point, I lastly resorted to threatening that I would find out where they live come after them... however the thief had the nerve to fear for their safety and blocked me! Wow.

2 - I next contacted the website on which my works were posted, and told them I have a case of copyright infringement to report. Someone took a look at the incident, but said that because my stuff was released under a CC license there is nothing they can do. I explained that I no longer felt like my art being openly licensed, and free licenses have a clause allowing them to be revoked based on the personal mood and regrets of an author... however they outright said I was wrong, the nerve to say such a thing to me! I proceeded to throw a stream of insults and threats at the admins... yet to my shock, I was ignored and this did not make the problem go away!

3 - With the first two options exhausted, I went ahead and did the third thing an artist does in this situation: I contacted authorities. The local police and interpol wouldn't do much, stating that only pedophile art is special enough to offend them into being motivated to do their job on the internet... so I ultimately made the big step of calling the CIA. I pointed them to the website, then showed them every piece of vore porn I've created over the years, alongside my identity documents and address so they'd know how to find me. The agents sounded very confused and uncomfortable from what I could tell, except for that one agency where I think I could hear fapping noises coming from one corner... anyway they said that in the name of copyright enforcement, they'd send a man in the field to question the locals and investigate the crime, using American taxpayers money to fund the operation. I felt like I achieved something big in my life at that moment, and that democracy has truly done it... kinda like the power an oil corporation feels when they first strip people of their land and send the police to beat them up for objecting. However a week has passed ever since, and government agents have still not captured the enemy art thief! How is this possible, what world are we living in?!

4 - Realizing that the law will not help me and I must take matters into my own left hand, I decided to take the next step: Hiring an assassin to kill this homeboy! So I installed TOR browser and went on the deep web. After a few hours of browsing through drug stores for no suspicious reason, I found a forum where assassin types hang out. I met some wonderful people on there... including poor serial killers who had a very hard life, and philanthropists who wanted to murder others solely to cheer up our dark lord Satan. Yet I was unable to find anyone that could help me in my epic quest: Most hitmen already had a very busy schedule, and said they're on assassination tours across the world for the next couple of months... I couldn't wait that long, I want my satisfaction and I want it now! The funny thing was, most killers were hired for the exact same reason as my own, which is to go after art thieves who stole furry art and posted it on the internet... yet they were all apparently working for one person, supposedly someone who goes by the initials "FAF".

5 - Being out of options, I'm now resorting to the last solution available: Doing it myself. Yesterday I sold my lifelong belonging, my mother's house which left her homeless, as well as my cat to a Chinese butcher... in order to get the money needed to fly to every country where I suspect the art thief might be hiding. Once there, I plan to knock at random doors of random houses in random cities... statistically speaking I'm bound to find the perpetrator this way, as well as recognize them even if I've never seen their face! I've also contacted important weapon dealers, and paid them a handsome sum of money for big guns that I can totally take on a plane without raising suspicion. I managed to get my hands on some pretty rare equipment in the process... including a new generation of bombs developed by terrorists which use Allah's shaved pubic hair for gunpowder, and a new generation of rocket launchers called the U.N.C.L.E. Exploder V69 developed by Kim Jong Un in person! At last... I can show the world just how serious copyright infringement is, and give these heretics the punishment they deserve for copying a drawing on the internet. Brace yourselves evildoers, for the modern world has come... and it's come up the walls.

Oh, yeah... and happy April Fools everyone! Remind me to come up with better and less scary fanfiction for this sort of thing next year.

Digital Economy Bill artist challenge

Some might have seen my recent posts regarding the Digital Economy Bill, or heard about it from other sources. For those of you who haven't, it's an extreme censorship law proposed in Britain aiming to "purify" the internet of porn. As a means of protest, I have created an artist challenge and a template to go with it. I dare everyone to complete it and / or pass it on to other artists!

The rule is simple: Draw every sex act that would be prohibited on the internet if the bill were to pass. This includes a variety of kinky stuff which I condensed into 9 panels, each panel representing a specific theme. If you don't want to draw something, skip it altogether or just scribble something crazy instead... the point of the challenge is both to be fun and to spread the word about this medieval age crap. Be mindful of each sites rules when uploading your result, as some might take issue with a few of the themes listed here. Also the template itself is licensed Public Domain / CC0, do whatever your heart pleases with it!

I guess I'll include my own completed version in the same post, which is CC-BY-SA so feel free to share it too just please credit. It must be the craziest thing I've ever drawn in my life, but damn it I have no regrets!

Template: https://mirceakitsune.tumblr.com/post/157944018533

My version (very NSFW!): https://mirceakitsune.tumblr.com/post/157944987588
Three journals in three days... that's a new record for me! Apparently I have to rant about yet another thing, happening in the always restless and never too complex world we have today.

There's been some drama circulating around the fandom recently, regarding a few Youtubers who make music slideshows with vore drawings taken from art galleries. The whole thing sparked up after an artist contacted such a channel to request a takedown, the user didn't agree to removing the video, and a whole riot erupted over the subject of art theft. I already expressed my view on most of these journals... which in short is that the video creator did wrong to not take down the video when requested, even if I also feel that artists going after such videos may qualify as copyright trolling, although both legally and morally they of course have every right to do so.

Now although there were both points I agree with and points I don't agree with, what bothered me in some people's reactions was something else: I'm noticing that a lot of folks are acting as if websites like Youtube and Facebook are supposed to be these heavenly places full of people that agree with each other, where a bunch of virtual police officers are ready to bring justice and solve any beef a user has with another user, and where censorship should be as harsh as national television. This is referring to a few comments which are collectively saying "how dare Youtube not immediately act against such cruel copyright infringement"... which is at least a legitimate point compared to comments like "won't you please think of the children seeing this on the free and open internet"! So allow me to blow my fucking brains off, regrow a new head, and vomit out my thoughts:

I will begin by stressing out the essential: Youtube is not Furaffinity! A website the size of Facebook cannot be moderated like a website the size of Eka's Portal! If someone steals someone else's art on here, a moderator will be dispatched. This moderator will assess the situation, say "oh yeah, I know this guy", and ban or warn the offending user. Youtube is a place used by millions... from ordinary people to media companies and celebrities. There is no one on Youtube who has the time and resources to investigate every single issue in the world. Heck they can't even find any competent coders, who can stop the website from glitching and breaking all the time... and it's Google we're speaking of here! They tried fixing their lack of moderators with an initiative called Youtube Heroes, whose purpose was allowing users to moderate the platform themselves... needles to say everyone was at Google's neck (myself included) as the program was basically going to empower internet trolls and SJW's with the right to carry out personal vendettas. So until an artificial intelligence program capable of human intelligence is researched, don't expect that to change anytime soon.

Now obviously, anyone can report an offending video. Bad news however: The system is mostly intended for the entertainment industry and popular online celebrities, who have verified websites and a mass of people that can vouch for them! You need to fill out a form containing proof that you're the author, which is also not very safe for your privacy granted they ask your real data for it. Agent Smith knows who you are, and agent Smith knows what you've been drawing. Some artists have done this still, and there are reports of it even working a couple of times, although I must say it's surprising. The person checking the complaint needs to somehow verify the data, including looking at... your... art gallery... hmmmmm.

You see, we're talking about furry vore artwork here. This basically means that when you file a copyright complaint with Youtube, you basically tell them the following: "There's this video that stole some of my art, you have to look through it and find out where it is... also here's a link to my gallery, you'll have to go through that as well and see that it matches". The moderator proceeds to watch an entire video showing all sorts of wonderful critters gobbling up each other... after which they need to enter the website furaffinity.net and open up your gallery, only to look at more of them lovely arts until they find at least one that matches. Obviously they don't even have proof that your FA gallery is truly you, though by this point they've probably taken the window rather than the elevator. I'd like to let readers picture the reaction of a Google employee, as they're drinking their coffee at the top of a skyscraper as multi-million dollar deals happen in the next office, going ahead and doing all that... because I'm legitimately having a blast every time I think about it.

Which brings us to the last issue some users brought up: *takes a deep breath of air* "At least make it age restricted! Won't anyone just think of the children, who might come across all this vore art on the free internet? What will happen when they see those images, which are almost as bad what they're seeing on Cartoon Network"? For those who believe this is a concern, there's a video I'd highly recommend watching, which explains in great detail thoughts I don't feel like typing a whole paragraph about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umDr0mPuyQc

Conclusions and disclaimers: Before you grab your pitchtorch and fork, I am not supporting art theft! As I said a million times, if an artist asks you to remove their works from something you posted, do so out of respect for that artist. Beyond that however, and beyond the sole issue of wronging another artist by disrespecting their requests... please, let us stop making pointless drama out of things that don't require it. Also understand that as much as it sucks for some, copyright cannot be enforced everywhere on the internet: Attempting to do so usually takes more resources than possible, and punishing people over any case of copyright infringement would lead to total tirany... unless kids posting an image on Facebook should have the cops show up at their door, in which case we'd need more prisons than residential buildings. Thank you also if you stuck around to read all this, which apparently went on for longer than I thought.
I believe at this very hour, I'm finally able to gather my thoughts on certain matters enough to write a coherent journal about them. Something I wouldn't have been able to do during the rest of the day, after having come across the shit I was about to witness. As usual I will be cross-posting this on all of my profiles, in hopes that people will be able to offer some insight that might snap me back to sanity.

So as my watchers know, I frequently make journals discussing emerging threats against online freedom, namely when big censorship initiatives are launched by governments and corporations. I broadly discussed SOPA around 5 years ago when it almost happened, I talked about issues like art being criminalized as a means of gun safety, and more. What I want to discuss today however, makes the famous SOPA / ACTA look like an absolute joke, as they were nothing compared to something that's happening right in our days.


Meet the only legal initiative in a democracy capable of rivaling China's internet censorship system: The UK's Digital Economy Bill. This piece of dystopian science fiction brought to life, which literally feels like reading a news terminal in a game of DeusEx, is a plan to censor the internet unlike anything we've seen here in Europe and America. I'm not even sure where I can begin with it, but I guess the starting point would be as follows:

The UK government wants complete control over what kinds of websites its citizens may visit. ISP's will be forced to block any website in the world that's deemed bad by the regime, including all overseas websites that don't obey to its new program (Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Now I know what you might be thinking: "Yeah, we know... copyright and all that". Nope... this is not about copyright at all! Hold on to your computer chairs, because here comes the real reason behind this entire madness: Porn. Yep... the biggest censorship scheme ever seen in the occident is about to unfold for the purpose of blocking god damn internet porn! There will be two categories: Porn deemed indecent by the state, which is to be blocked for all citizens... as well as any kind of porn, which is to be blocked exclusively to the mentally apartheid (also known as "everyone under the age of 18"). An institution that handles ratings for DVD's will be given the responsibility of being the 21th century's religious police, deciding what kind of media is moral and who should be arrested for watching heretic content... similarly to China which has an institution tasked with video game and film censorship, in case something might be bothering the CCP and spreading occidental values.

Before I continue with this trainwreck, there are a few things I want to clarify regarding my stance: First I know that certain people out there want to say "Aaaahaha you're pissed that the government might be banning the sick porn you watch, serves you right". If by any chance someone reading this journal is one of those idiots, though even I doubt it, I'm complaining about the idea the approach and the precedent being created. I couldn't care less whether it's about porn or anything else... and by the way the law also contains much of SOPA, such as criminalizing websites that even talk about copyright infringement in a manner deemed as "aiding the enemy" (such as speaking about links or IP addresses). What's happening is a variety of abuses:

1. A gruesome attack on people's freedoms and liberties in general.

2. An unprecedented attempt at internet control and censorship over the last two decades, as far as any country considered the 1st world goes.

3. A call for going back to the medieval age, relatable to when people were arrested and chained for allegedly promoting ideas deemed ungodly by the religious police.

4. Bone-chilling ignorance and lack of understanding of how the internet works, and what side effects this initiative might have worldwide.

5. Shocking ignorance about the importance of privacy and data security on the internet, granted they want some sort of internet-wide age verification system.

6. What strongly looks like the imposition of a fanatical purist ideology. I'll take the liberty of comparing this to the Chinese cultural revolution, when books promoting undesired ideas were burnt and artists dragged away in chains. Once again, using porn as an excuse makes absolutely zero difference in this regard, grow out of your bubble if this is how dense you are!

7. All of the above is for an absolutely ridiculous reason, which makes it all the more hallucinating: Banning god damn porn on the internet... in year 2017 when no sane person gives a shit about this sort of thing! If a parent still cares about this crap, they can easily install censorship software on their kids device or request the service from their ISP... what the hell? It's as if a bunch of people were teleported from the victorian age, seized control of the state, and are about to bring back the papal government and the guillotine because no one's yet told them that times have changed and that would be stupid.

Now no, I'm not from the UK myself. If I was British, granted multiple things that are happening there right now... either I'd have fled the country and would be sleeping on the streets of a civilized EU city where I'd feel safe, either I'd be floating in a river with a note attached to my neck, either I'd be on the 6 o'clock news for opening fire on the government building and the Tories infesting it (the least likely of options). I will never the less offer condolences to everyone who lives there... because the fascism taking place back there is worthy of such, and I'm legitimately sorry for everyone there who has to deal with these psychopaths. Never the less, I too have reasons to be concerned about some things, as do all of us:

1. This is all happening in a place that was (and technically still is) part of the European Union, which is supposedly the 2nd beacon of democracy alongside America. This madness hasn't started in Africa or South Korea or the Philippines or some other developing country, where the news would be less of shock: The UK is considered a developed country and a world leader, like France or Germany or the US! If a world leading country threatens to take down a whole portion of the internet and endorse identity theft, literally over a fit of medieval rage... who's to say other governments won't lose their minds and start doing god knows what? This is a fail for humanity and progress as a whole, which in and of itself is despicable.

2. What they're doing may affect websites worldwide, not just those in the UK! Any site that has NSFW material can be demanded to adhere to their moral code and steal people's ID, otherwise it may be banned in the UK altogether. Places like Furaffinity for instance will either have to censor new types of art deemed immoral by the Tory cult, or the website will be blocked by the Great Firewall of the UK... in which case I hope it's the later, as much as I feel horrible for any UK furs who will wake up to find it and other art websites gone one morning.

3. Several groups I'm part of are targeted and affected. And no I don't feel that this applies just to things that may be considered of sexual nature: It can at face value, but in the long run it extends to more. Ideology filtering comes to mind, in terms of what might follow next... just thinking about the people who must have proposed such a thing makes the "A Brick in the Wall" music video pop to mind.

There was more I felt like going into, but I figure this is enough for one journal. Ironically I found out about the whole thing while searching for something comparatively less bad: I was looking at how US authorities now want to demand passwords for phones and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc) for non-citizens entering the country... another hallucinating violation of people's privacy, which I didn't even believe could be real until recently. I was actually going to complain about that instead, but after what I heard about the UK I realized that's nothing in comparison.

All I can add is that, I'm extremely worried about the future in general: A world just like the dark scifi movies is coming... where armed troop sit at every corner and point a rifle to your head as you walk by, cameras are on every pole and you're just waiting for a system error to cause a turret to shoot at you, whereas the internet is centralized through one institution and you need a pass from the government to even use it. The city we see in the beginning of Half-Life 2 (less for the aliens roaming the place) will probably be a reality soon... and if it will, it will likely start in the UK. Oh... and if I had the power to register extremist groups responsible for spreading terror among people, believe me the Tories would be officially on it right now.

Happy new year 2017

Despite wishes and doubts of various natures, 2017 is a number I'll be seeing in my calendar an hour from now. While I know it's just a number, it is that time of year when we all delude ourselves the future is going to be brighter than the past somehow. In my case, I hope that 2017 brings no more deaths to people around me, less borderline poverty, less angry politicians pushing for dumb laws and threatening our freedom worldwide, more social and scientific progression instead of more involution... oh yes, and more anthro vixens making me their lunch. Happy 2017 everyone!

My take on the 2016 elections

Since everyone else made a journal about this, why the heck wouldn't I do the same? It should first of all be clarified that I'm European, so of course I didn't vote and even if I could have I most likely wouldn't have (except for some third party candidate). That said I'm taking this as personally as most Americans are... both because I have close friends who live in America, and because I consider Europe and America closely tied, whereas the US does usually determine where the world is going. This will a bit long since I wanted to encompass my full story and view on the matter, so let's get started:

I knew long before yesterday that whoever won, I was going to be disappointed and it would be a disaster. It remains beyond me to this day why it had to be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump facing off! Why couldn't at least one side pick a sane candidate for crying out loud? It's definitely a great thing that the election process is free, and anyone is allowed to run for president... yet it feels like a way to have prevented this disastrous choice should have been there from the start. In my opinion, this is a lesson that something should be learned from in the future.

Now: In between the two, I had initially hoped that Hillary would be the one to win over Trump. Why? Simply because she was presented as the most rational and professional solution; Even if evil radiates off her face, she can at least keep it buried under the carpet... making it easiest to conclude that "if she wins there will at least be no shock and nothing will change toward the worse". This might seem silly, considering she's suspected of having armed ISIS terrorists and expressed willingness in starting a third world war... I guess I took these claims as exaggerations mostly.

I was legitimately depressed for most of yesterday, after hearing that frigging Donald Trump won. The world's buffoon, laughed at for his irrational childish and extremist behaviors, now president of the most powerful nation in the world! My sadness was primarily over two reasons: First is my hardwired belief that "if this guy wins we will see mass deportations and support for racist groups and a disaster for the LGBT community and a massive diplomatic failure and this and that". The second is because Trump has been associated with the worst things one can imagine... such as racial supremacy, homophobia, racism, accusations of sexual harassment, arrogant and offensive behavior... so ultimately I associated a vote for him as a vote for those values, leading to the verdict that "this means most Americans are pro racism / sexism / etc". All in all, the sun set with me telling myself "this is as far as human civilization goes, there is no more hope for progress... a fanatical conservative is soon dragging us back into the medieval era".

However there is more to what went on before and after all that: Over the course of the day, I argued with a few people about what went on... including my mother, who was happy that Trump won over Hillary whereas I was preaching my doomsday scenario. Although my opinion hasn't changed entirely, I ultimately became more willing to accept that maybe I was wrong on a few aspects. What played a role here was seeing Trump's victory speech later in the night: I was legitimately expecting the guy to rip open his shirt and start rolling around, screaming about how America is now his empire and he'll crush the evil Mexican forces and other presumed threats. Instead he seemed different from the person I learned about during the campaign... to the point where one could go as far as suspecting him of being somewhat honest.

How could one have such suspicions you ask? There is one main reason: I'm well aware that the media is owed almost entirely by those who supported Hillary, and it no doubt did its best to paint Trump as a complete monster... of course on top of his own behavior making him look like a lunatic at times. Obviously I maintain my doubts, but I must still ask myself a question: How much of Trump's madness is actually real, and how much was made up by the media in the first place? A lot of people have strongly stated that many of his words were twisted, such as him making racist comments or opposing LGBT rights... of course I can't check each of them individually but it's a point I can't ignore. For now I've accepted that only time will answer those questions, and we will see his true behavior and decisions once he's actually in power.

There's something else that needs to be kept in mind here: The guy is, among other things, an actor. One has to ponder how much of the circus he put on during the campaign was a tactic for attracting voters, and doesn't necessarily represent who he is. It might sound naive to think this, but there's a sad reality behind the theory: Many people out there are stupid, and don't care what a candidate does for the world they live in... instead they want to see a good show being put on, and will vote for whoever makes them laugh more or gives them an adrenaline rush. It's true that many Trump voters were in fact white supremacists, sexists, Hitler supporters, and rumor has it he was even sponsored by the KKK... still who's to say Trump didn't try to appease them for their votes, only to leave them in the dust afterwards? Again I have no idea whether this is the case or not, but it's a scenario one can hope for! Keep in mind he does rely on liberals more than he does on hardened ancient conservatives... progress is the true direction of the world, and nothing Trump does will change that nor is it in most people's interest to go against the flow now.

But all this aside, I'm willing to admit that there are certain good sides to Trump winning. The first of course is that Hillary didn't... even if part of me wished that she did; With rumors about her giving guns to ISIS, the email scandal, her being part of a Satanic cult, and the very fact that she's part of a powerful dynasty that wants complete control over the world... well you can be sure I'm enjoying her and her whole clan's defeat, and await seeing her upcoming investigation. The second reason is that from what I understand, Trump might pose a threat to powerful corporations; I myself have been how watching corporations pay politicians to support their private interests, threatening my and everyone else's rights... not to mention the whole "rich getting richer and poor getting poorer" aspect. As a Republican, one can hope that he will put corporations at their place, and stall their dangerous rise to power that we've seen over the years.

Whatever Trump's plans are however, I would advise people to not panic because all is not lost! Three things are worth remembering for those who are scared of his victory: First, who he will be as a president may differ from who he has been during the campaign. Second, he is still a president, not an absolute monarch or dictator: He can't just go ahead and do whatever he wants, as any law or change has to be approved by the house and senate... not to mention there are syndicates and people's rights movements, who will no doubt strengthen themselves in preparation for war against a crazy Trump. And third, he can be impeached if he does something really bad... especially with so many people acting like a ticking time bomb ready to go off at the smallest misbehavior on his end, meaning he'll not want to risk doing anything stupid unless there is a powerful interest behind that thing.

This pretty much sums up my view on the subject at this day and hour. We'll no doubt have to wait and see what truly happens, and although I don't expect something good I'm willing to accept that it might not be quite as bad as some have made it seem. Thanks if you bothered reading all this, and feel free to post your opinions and say what you think.

Alright folks: I'm usually not one to publicly hate on something that I'm not personally into, even if I tend to get easily annoyed by things that are hyped very suddenly. For the first time in years however, something managed to create an exception to this rule: Pokémon Go. A thing I not only have to hear of no matter where I go on this internet, but because of which I must hear some of the most absurd and cancerous things that have to do with humanity as a whole. So we all know what time it is... it's rant time!

Apparently, in the never ending quest of companies to find dumber and dumber ideas with which to impress us commoners, there emerged a new concept: Video games that use the player's real life location and real world maps as part of the gameplay, ultimately requiring players to meet and interact in real life. For reasons beyond me, such a game immediately had the masses running for it like drug addicts for heroin... which isn't explicitly the reason why I hate it, though it's what leads to that reason; People not realizing there's a gap between a game and real life which you shouldn't be breaching. Unfortunately, as is always the case in human society, things end up being upside down and shattering the barrier of reasoning.

Up to this point, Pokémon Go has been involved in nearly every bad thing out there, and found itself in every place it shouldn't be: It's lead to the discovery of dead bodies, people being robbed at gunpoint, child predators kidnapping kids, and many more "wonderful" things. It's said that both criminals and the police are learning to play the game now, in order to use it in their retarded activities. Apparently the game has even been mentioned on television in the news, which makes everything even more chilling!

I will make my view clear, whether others share it or not: Video games are meant for people to enjoy in their privacy or with a specific group... whether that's in their home on a computer, in a gathering with friends via mobile phones, or even at an organized gaming convention. Real life on the other hand is where we all carry out our miserable lives, and interact with every atrocity and piece of crap the human mind is capable of conceiving. Please: Don't shit on both the gaming community or the Pokémon franchise, by creating an abomination of a game that makes real world dementia part of its very gameplay! Make your own applications for robbing and killing people, abducting and sexually harassing children, or catching the idiots who do so if you're on the law's side... we don't want our games and software dragged into your bullshit! Criminals don't need to play Pokémon games, the police doesn't need to know what Pokémon is, and the news should mind its own business and report on actual real events! Certain fandoms already have a bad rep, and the internet already has enough laws made by paranoid conservatives who don't understand how anything works. Everything has its place... let's keep it that way.

I could probably say more, but I don't want to further my hate on this game nor exaggerate with some of my views. In a nutshell, I find it absurd disgusting and ludicrous that a simple colorful game exceeds both its intended audience and its intended use this way, and needs to fall victim to the broken reasoning of the human mind. I'm once again left asking myself the question "what is safe from the vermin of the masses once they find out about its existence".


Why I find Zootopia revolutionary

It's rare for me to post about specific games or films... especially commercial ones, and especially when those are made by the big corporations. I mostly went with the MLP-FiM hype when I became a brony in 2011, Minecraft when it brought us the voxel revolution, or poking my nose into recent intrigues like FNAF or Undertale. Since I enjoy watching an animated furry film every few months, Zootopia was definitely something I've set myself to look at! I managed to find my way to a HD version a while back... which I've finally watched yesterday, and might watch again tomorrow since I want to take a better look at it.

Now I knew from everything I've read that it's going to be good, and definitely didn't worry that I might be disappointed. I didn't however imagine it would be quite as amazing as I found it, nor could have easily guessed that until seeing it for myself to know why! My ultimate label for it was "revolutionary"... for not one but two separate reasons: Graphics as well as the story.

As those who watch me probably know, my main preoccupation nowadays is 3D rendering with Blender. One dilemma I've always had in CGI has been: How convincing and photorealistic can cartoon anatomy get, and can you have chibi (ish) characters that don't look uncanny or ignore obvious biological rules in a top quality setup? And how close to a pure feeling of lifelike can a CGI get to begin with? Zootopia definitely answered that last night... and the answer was, hell yes! As an animator, this is definitely something I will idolize for a long time and wish to learn from.

First of all, if you've watched Zootopia at anything less than 1080p @ 60 FPS on a HD screen, I suggest correcting that immediately! And yes, the FPS part matters... many underestimate what a huge difference frame rate can make, and go by the classic conception that 30 is good enough while more might make you dizzy or something. With that said, be on a lookout for details on everything in the world... especially materials that are capricious to do, such as cotton or candy not to mention fur: I for one found it remarkable to see so much attention given to almost every little detail! The general feel of the scene further tops that, with beautiful sunlit environments and lots of decorations.

Just to be clear now: I am not saying this is CGI of a quality the world has never seen! I don't watch a lot of animated films since few movies interest me, but I have no doubt there are a lot of them that have great visuals (like Iron Man or others in that genre). I'm mostly talking of achieving such realism in an environment set around anthro characters in a partially cartoony anatomy! It's one thing to achieve realism while trying to imitate things we see in everyday life (including scifi) and another to get this far with something unique. Of course realistic cartoons were also done pretty well by other series (like some stuff Pixar makes), just not by far to the same extent in my opinion.

As for the story: I can't say it's quite as rare in and of itself... especially coming from Disney which is good at this sort of thing, and known for addressing harsh or sensitive real-life subjects in their specific way. What mostly took me by surprise is how well they redid what they do best, this time in a modern setup of our days! Their most notable films were made in the 70's to 90's, which apart from having impressive stories did very well at mixing them with the cultures of those days. Honestly I didn't think they could do so again, and thought to myself "bah... they couldn't make something quite as legendary as Fox and the Hound for instance, in a modern world with today's culture or computers and smartphones". Nope... they've yet again adapted that epic something from those films!

Conclusion: Up to this point, Zootopia is the first film I noted with a 6/5 rating, from the niche category of stuff I've watched. While I'll never like Disney as a corporation, my love goes to the team who made this lovely film! It will be interesting to see if and when something in a similar fashion will pop up again... be it a Zootopia 2, or someone else realizing this hit a goldmine and trying to find their own with original ideas.


With 2016 just one day away, I would have liked to post a nice journal wishing everyone a happy new year and stuff. Unfortunately, this will be another entry prompted by the workings of human dementia, which I think will be of interest to fellow artists on here. This time we'll be talking about a whole new legal issue which I've had the misfortune of discovering: Jail time for posting drawings or 3D models you create on the internet. Now before anyone acts upon their perfectly sane reflex of saying "that's impossible and it must be a misunderstanding", this is a confirmed thing... and no it's not happening in North Korea either.

Lawmakers in several countries are pushing to outlaw certain 3D models or sketches online... namely models of weapons which can be 3D printed. They hope that doing so will reduce potential gun violence committed with arms created by such devices. This tragic joke has already happened in a place called New South Wales, where (hold on tightly) people can get 14 years in prison for creating or downloading any 3D model of a gun that's compatible with a 3D printer. So far a group called Defense Distributed assisted by pro-internet movements (such as EFF) are fighting back, but nothing is yet certain.






Although I don't want to trigger any political wars here, I will say this: Such things make me way more scared of our leaders than of any terrorist group on the planet. Because I'm sorry if this offends anyone... but right now ISIS and all their terrorist attacks scare me so much less than knowing these fanatical imbeciles are in power and seek control over every aspect of our existence. This is like a poorly written dystopian science-fiction novel coming to life! Artists having to justify a 3D model they post on the internet... what in the holy hell?

The reason this is pure madness isn't just the ban itself though: Those who lobby for it outright believe that things everyday internet users produce (like schematic drawings or 3D models) qualify as technical data, and can be covered by laws regarding international weapon trafficking or classified technical designs or national security. Like literally... I can pick up a paper and pen, draw a simple blueprint of a printable gun, and my drawing is a matter of national security and international arms trafficking! Slap me folks, because I must be dreaming. These people should be prescribed some medication and put on leave immediately, before they accidentally pass god knows what law and set the world on fire... how did they even get there?!

What I want to know is whether this is the beginning of a dark era for artists, and yet another series of persecutions against the open internet. Are Blender or 3DS Max users now going to be labeled as criminals and arrested off the streets, if we post 3D meshes of weapon parts compatible with any 3D printer? Will websites like Blendswap / Turbosquid / 3DShare have to censor gun models? Will Deviantart ban me and turn me in to authorities for posting a drawing that shows the mechanical parts of a pistol?

Just as importantly, where will the boulder stop rolling in case it gets started? If someone decides they can outlaw blueprints of a weapon, they can just as easily criminalize any kind of model or drawing or speech for various reasons! Like what happens if I model a car or airplane, and include every mechanical aspect like the engine or wires? Will I someday have to take my *.blend file to a crash testing facility before I'm allowed to upload it to Blendswap, because 3D printers?

I'll end by saying the following: This is one of the few cases in life where I'm determined to ignore any law regardless of the consequences. In fact, I might start creating printable weapon models just to see what happens if this somehow passes! After the shit I've seen recently, I'm slowly being done with the illusion of law abiding citizens. If we end up in a society where you can be arrested over how a piece of art is used, I'd rather put myself in prison early and get it over with, rather than live in fear on a world where anything can become a crime (maybe even thoughts someday). This is of course a hypothetical scenario, granted lawmakers are mad enough to successfully regulate creations on the internet, therefore I'm not admitting to an existent crime. Of course I hope such simply won't have to happen... that this is all puberty pains in the growth of human society, and primitive people rediscovering modern technology then moving on.